Daily Musings 41 – #Imlibrarypeople

It’s Canadian Library Month and I’m missing my favourite place. #imlibrarypeople and I love the Toronto Public Library. I want to be able to go and let the little guy roam freely, while I pick up, put down and borrow a whole lot of books. I want to be able to go solo and curl up in a corner for a few hours sipping tea with either a book or laptop on my lap. These are some of the simple pleasures this pandemic has taken away. I’ve discovered the world of audiobooks, though and am grateful for what they provide me.

Now that I’m back to teaching Kindergarten, I’m remembering how much I enjoy taking kinders to the public library. If one happened to be within walking distance, it became a part of our regular learning experiences. Developing the love of book in young children fills me with so much joy. This has been a challenge this year. Not being able to pass books around freely, not being able to allow my students to take a closer look at the books I read to them has been heartbreaking. We’re making the best of it, but it sucks.

Despite not being able to frequent my happy place in the way I’d like to, I’m still incurring those library late fees though. 🤦🏾‍♀️

When last have you visited your nearest public library?

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