Daily Musings 89 “4 minutes🧘🏾‍♀️”

Lately, baby boy and I have added a four minute yoga session by Moovlee Monkey to his bedtime routine. Sometimes I’m the only one doing it, but I’m not complaining. More often than not, it’s the only movement my body does for the day, and it feels so good. It’s amazing what goodness can be packed into four minutes.

I love yoga, and for someone who loves yoga as much as I do, I should be able to maintain a daily yoga routine. But I can’t, I don’t. At some point, I always fall off the wagon. I get tired, feel worn out and unmotivated and choose lying down instead of moving my body.

Moving and movement is imperative for me though. I know this. I must move my body in order for it to feel well, and yoga always makes me feel well.

On this 16th last day of 2020, I am grateful for yoga. And during these unprecedented times, I’m thankful for YouTube yoga like never before.

I usually practice with Sarah Beth Yoga, Yoga with Adriene and Yoga with Kassandra. I’m looking to diversify my yoga practice though…any (melanated) YouTube suggestions?

What makes your body feel well?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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