Daily Musings 96 “stopping to smell the flowers” 🌺

On this 9th last day of 2020 I give thanks for stopping to look at plants and smell flowers. Plants and flowers were a major part of my little guy and I’s year. while he was admiring and learning the names of every plant and flower we crossed paths with (seriously, we had to stop and examine almost every plant and flower that we saw during our walks and bike rides), I was finally becoming the plant parent I’d always dreamed of becoming.

While I’m still very far from having a bonafide green thumb, I’m fairly confident I will no longer kill every plant I acquire. To watch a plant come come back from near death, and to see it actually thrive is a beautiful thing. To watch my little guy’s love for flowers and backyard gardening is amazing and I give thanks to his aunties for helping to nurture that love. We just may have a budding botanist on our hands and even if we don’t, I’m thankful.

Do you plant? Any tips for an aspiring green thumb?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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