Daily Musings 36 “If everything is special, nothing really is”

Whenever I go somewhere or do something I return home having gained something special.

Typically, I return home with new ideas, deeper emotions, added layers of experience, having made cool connections and… new clothes (and shoes) for my closet. Even though I purge seasonally, I always seem to have a surplus.

Today, while moving out more of my stuff, my son watched an episode of Pete the Cat where the message of the day was “If everything is special, nothing really is.” Despite at the time being overwhelmed by stuff, I disagreed vehemently while my mom and brother tried to help me fight my hoarder tendencies.

My stuff is special, and they spark joy. I read Mari Kondo’s books, I went through the process and these are the many items that remain. 😅

I do plan on purging though. I make this promise to myself because deep down, I know that I have too much stuff and that they really all can’t be special.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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