Daily Musings 85 “walking in footsteps”

It feels like ages since I’ve walked or run, and I miss it dearly (cold country problems). But I find comfort in knowing that I can reflect on July fondly as the start of healthy habits (even if short-lived). I started walking daily for at least 30 minutes for 21 days. While walking I listened to the GirlTrek podcast, Black History Boot Camp: walking meditation.

This podcast was about celebrating and learning from Black women, our foremothers. It was beautiful, magical and everything I needed to clear out the muck in my mind and soul. With every walk I felt lighter and more grounded than before. My purpose resurfaced and like audiobooks, this walking boot camp podcast was like free therapy.

Hosted by Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, each day of the walk focused on different Black women and their stories. Stories that have made an impact and left a blueprint or a message for us (Black women) to follow in terms of self-care, leading a purposeful, joyful, restful life and navigating the challenges we’re bound to face and capable of overcoming during our time on this plane.

Thinkers and writers like my beloveds Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison, were highlighted. As well as musicians who’ve always had a place in my heart like Nina Simone. The words of Octavia Butler have left a lasting impression on me and for all of this, and more I’m thankful.

On this 20th last day of 2020 I give thanks for GirlTrek and their inspiring health advocacy, mission and vision. Thank you to my friend of Yummalish Treats for thinking of me and sharing the link. It did more for me than you’ll ever know.

What saved you this year?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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