Top 5 Women Bloggers I Love

Doing a little reflecting to remind myself why I write and stumbled on this awesomeness. When I first saw this post, I was filled with such pride that my writing was really being read and LIKED by fellow writers. My heart was so full. A much needed reminder for me to get back to it. Many thanks to 🙂

Brazen She

It’s funny how putting yourself out there is a great way to meet people.

Definitely more effective than my old favorite method – Keeping to myself and hoping to be noticed.

Along my journey at Brazen She I have met some really cool people. I want to give back to this great community.

Here are my top 5 favorite woman bloggers who I’ve met during my time here. They are a diverse group of voices each of whom enriches the world using her unique perspective. These ladies are brazenly themselves.

women bloggers Breeta

Breeta –A Voice

Breeta shares her experience and perspective with infectious enthusiasm. She shares her struggles, her insights and, more than anything else,her favorite songs.

Sometimes just coming along for the ride is not to be missed. In a post under the hashtag#Drunkposts, she writes,

And watching Heath Ledger as Patric, all young and bright-eyed and sweet…

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