Daily Musings 59 “26 students”

My 25 students along with 7 colleagues (3 ECE’s, 1 prep teacher, 1 SNA, a student teacher and myself) were back (or able to be back) in the physical school building after 2 weeks of mandatory self-isolation: due to a positive Covid-19 result amongst a student in my class. While they weren’t in attendance today, I noticed a new students’ name has been added to my class list bringing the number to 26 and I just wish someone could make it make sense to me. I don’t know what kind of social-distancing anyone thinks is actually taking place in a kindergarten class with 26 kids.

Anyway, we’ve been making a sucky situation a little less sucky and way more manageable by using an empty classroom for Learning Centres. Basically, at some key points in the day, we split the class in half. One half stays in our main classroom, with me, while the other half goes to Learning Centres with two ECE’s in the no longer occupied classroom. Because of this, we’ve been feeling as good as we could about I repeat, I really sucky situation.

But now, we’re about to lose one or two of our ECE’s, and we’ve gained a student. I’m unsure if we’ll be allowed to still split the class up, with their only being one ECE. Time will tell. What I do know though, is when I leave that building, I’m not doing any work at all at home anymore. I’m over it. I’m convinced they’re trying to kill us off. Not me. I’ve got things to do here.

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