Daily Musings 54- Day 11 “sing”

I have to remind myself constantly that this little boy is only two, mind you he’ll be three next month. No matter how mature I think he may be, he’s a toddler and thinks the world revolves around him. I can’t expect him to understand that it is quite the contrary; I’m the one who has to make adjustments.

I sang him out of his frustrations this evening and it helped. He’d had a bath but was upset because he wanted a bubble bath and I’d said “no”. We put together some puzzles, read a story and transitioned to bed with no. drama. at. all. I know this though, singing to and with young children is a matter of survival. But when you’re tired, you just want what you want when you want it. Hmmm…sounds like baby boy and I have the same problem.

In those times I often forget to sing and that’s when I need to sing the most. (Mind you get often tells me to stop singing. 🙄)

@12raisins 🍇✨

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