Daily Musings 12: Orange Shirt Day

Today was Orange Shirt day. Not only did I forgot to wear mine, but I also forgot to remind my students to wear theirs. 🤦🏾‍♀️ In my defence, ‘Orange Shirt Day’ is an ongoing, year-long learning journey for us. Orange Shirt Day is everyday.

Today we read When We Were Alone by David Robertson. It’s a beautiful story about a curious young girl who observes the unique qualities of her grandmother. In response to her questions, her grandmother reflects on the realities of residential school experiences.

After reflecting on the story and important parts of their own culture. Students had a special request for me to play a video of the late Nakotah LaRance, a Native American Hoop Dancer who I had the opportunity To share a stage with in 2015 with Cirque du Soleil. We ended up watching several videos of powwow dancers and my students went home with big plans for whatever hula hoops they could get their hands on. I apologize in advance to their grown-ups. 😅

Tamla 💃🏾

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