Daily Musings 95 “hardo bread”

My cousin brother, Chef Andre from MasterChef Canada Season 6, dropped off some freshly baked “Andre’s Hardo Bread” this evening and I’m incredibly thankful. Like, it was still warm, y’all!

It’s funny because I was just telling my mom the other day that this lockdown has me feeling like I’m living in Japan all over again and in need of care packages. Not only am I away from most of my peeps, but also a lot of my Jamaican staples.

Since Covid and all the lockdowns, I don’t go to the West Indian store. They’re small and cramped, and I’d be a ball of nerves in there. We also banned my granny from going as well 😅 (poor thing was really missing her food, especially in the earlier months of the lockdown).

So, it seems fitting that on this 10th last day of 2020 I show my gratitude for food. My shelves were never empty. And if they were, I know there would be loved ones like my cousin brother Andre who’d make sure I/we were covered.

One of the most beautiful gestures of love and community occurred back in May. A dear friend knew that my poor granny was struggling without her green banana, plantain, yam and sweet potato (the Jamaican kind – way different from the one found in the supermarkets of North America). So, for Mother’s Day she brightened my granny’s week by leaving a goodie bag full of Jamaican delights from the West Indian store. My granny was filled with joy (and shock) and my heart was full.

Continually counting my blessings. It would be disrespectful of me not to.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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