Daily Musing 55 – Day 12

I’ve been excited to get back to the classroom. After three weeks of knowing each other we were finding our groove, our vibe. We were settling into each other and the routines of our day. This momentum was put to a halt due to a positive Covid-19 case in our class. We (students and the 7 adults at risk of exposure) forged on and have been having a pretty decent time together online.

Regardless, nothing compares to face-to-face schooling and I was looking forward to getting back to our program.

Not sure how that will work anymore though because as of yesterday two of our three ECE’s (early childhood educators’) have been surplussed and will likely be going virtual.

Further, the remaining ECE’s workday ends at 1pm….which likely means we’ll be getting someone new to cover the afternoon shift, which means we are letting someone go, to get someone new. During a pandemic. That requires distancing and cohorts. Why do they treat us like we have no feelings. Like relationships, connections and stability don’t matter in education? Why do they keep talking to us about mental health and well-being when they’ve made it clear they don’t care?

More and more I’m questioning the type of people who become leaders, as well as what happens to people while in positions of leadership. Because almost all the decisions they’ve made are 💩.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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