Daily Musings 87 “moon ceremonies”

I’ve always loved the moon. As I age, my love for the moon increases, especially as I watch my little guys fascination for it grow. Our daily hunts for the moon fill me with joy and him with joy and wonder. Counting my blessings.

On this 18th last day and last new moon of 2020, I’d like to give thanks for full moon ceremonies and the varying signs from the universe to keep setting intentions, aligning and manifesting my goals and desires. The moon has and continues to be a guide and reminder for me that all will be as it should be.

During the summer I began participating in moon ceremonies with Mosa McNeilly, Global Leadership Village and Aina-Nia Ayodele. These ceremonies whether in-person or virtual were a time for renewal within the Black, African-diasporic community. A time for reflecting, offering gratitude, setting intentions, finding purpose and releasing whatever it was that no longer served us. It was beautiful. It was needed. And I am grateful.

What guides you? What reminds you that all will be as it should be?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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