Daily Musings 90 “staying active”

I got in two short 10 minute yoga sessions today. One in the morning for sore and tight muscles and one at night to de-stress. Baby boy joined me for the last one (he barely allowed me to do the first one 🙄), so we didn’t have to do his toddler yoga routine with Moovlee Monkey. I’m thinking we might have to start taking turns.

I’ve already mentioned it in previous blogs this year, but I’m supremely thankful for my #SAC (Staying Active Challenge) WhatsApp group. We started monthly fitness challenges shortly after the lockdown began in March and have been going strong, ever since. Sometimes members like myself fall off of or opt out of particular challenges (life stops for no one), but no matter what there’s always someone available to encourage and inspire you to keep going. Many of us were used to going to dance rehearsals or to the gym in order to keep our minds and bodies well, but those options were, for the most part, gone.

We’re on a mini-break from challenges until after the New Year, but on this 15th last day of 2020 I look back fondly on my two favourite challenges; yoga and running. Some challenges were easier than others, while others were harder for some of us. Yoga for me, is not a challenge but the running was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and kept up with. I loved it and I look forward to the day I get back to it. Until then, I’ve got yoga whether it be a 30 or 15 minute practice with Sarah Beth Yoga or a 4 minute practice with a monkey. 🐒

Did you take up any physical activities during the lockdown?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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