Daily Musings 90 “staying active”

I got in two short 10 minute yoga sessions today. One in the morning for sore and tight muscles and one at night to de-stress. Baby boy joined me for the last one (he barely allowed me to do the first one 🙄), so we didn’t have to do his toddler yoga routine with Moovlee Monkey. I’m thinking we might have to start taking turns.

Lentil Curry Surprise

Determined not to spend another cent on restaurant food, I opted to make a Slowcooker Lentil Curry Surprise. We have very early starts to our days, and there simply isn't enough time for my slow-poke self to cook in the mornings or evenings, while tending to a two year old. I don't have those super powers yet. With that, this Slowcooker Lentil Curry Surprise was being cooked overnight.

Carrot Soup & Aloo Gobi reinterpreted!

Over the past few weeks, Mama Earth has sent us baby carrots, 'regular' carrots and purple carrots. Needless to say, we had an excess of carrots. I tried to think of a meal I could make that would use up as much carrots as possible. I decided on soup! Roasted Carrot, Sweet Potato & Bean … Continue reading Carrot Soup & Aloo Gobi reinterpreted!

Motherhood: A Little Over a Year

It's been just over a year since I started this blog 12raisins, and just over a year since I became a mother. Both are still works in progress. The blogging is coming along. I'm trying to be more consistent but the mothering does get in the way. Just over a year later and it's still exhausting. … Continue reading Motherhood: A Little Over a Year