Lentil Curry Surprise

Determined not to spend another cent on restaurant food, I opted to make a Slowcooker Lentil Curry Surprise. We have very early starts to our days, and there simply isn't enough time for my slow-poke self to cook in the mornings or evenings, while tending to a two year old. I don't have those super powers yet. With that, this Slowcooker Lentil Curry Surprise was being cooked overnight.

Carrot Soup & Aloo Gobi reinterpreted!

Over the past few weeks, Mama Earth has sent us baby carrots, 'regular' carrots and purple carrots. Needless to say, we had an excess of carrots. I tried to think of a meal I could make that would use up as much carrots as possible. I decided on soup! Roasted Carrot, Sweet Potato & Bean … Continue reading Carrot Soup & Aloo Gobi reinterpreted!