Daily Musings 53 – Day 10 “baby hoarder”

For someone who’s not rich, and doesn’t have a whole lot of disposable income I often feel bad about the number of clothes and shoes I have. I have a lot of shoes. Like, a whole lot…I’m embarrassed to count them.

But then I remind myself, everyone has their ‘thing’ their ‘vice’. For a fairly long period of time I lived for traveling, shopping and especially shopping while traveling. I lived for a whole lot more (dance, community, learning, etc) but basically, I didn’t have a whole lot of responsibilities… and spent all my money (and wracked up credit card debt) acquiring new items for my wardrobe. This was all grand (and unnecessary) when I had a social life but, after having my little guy he became my social life. And then Covid-19 happened. My social life is online and I only need dress-up my top-half.

So here I am, in my new home and I’m trying to purge. I no longer have the space to provide them all with a home. But it’s so damn hard. I picked up one of my rattiest pairs of shoes first, sure that I’d be able to toss them into my dump pile, but no. I started to remember what made them special.

I bought them many years ago…on a shopping road trip to somewhere in the states. They were like $5 and but I could only find one shoe. I had to dig to find the pair. I was determined and wasn’t leaving the store until I found a match. Success! The pair weren’t the exact same colour (but they were close enough) and I bought them anyway. I bought them and I wore them everywhere.

These shoes have travelled to more than several continents, I’m sure. They’ve been through good and bad times. Crossed many paths. They were my go-to comfort shoes and they never let me down. I wore out the original insoles and used to put either my orthopedic insoles in them, or any other insole I was able to slide out of another shoe. They’ve served me well and I appreciate them for it.

Anyway, I thought it would be easy to toss them out. I mean, look at them up. But I put them back down with all the rest of my shoes and realized I wasn’t ready for the formidable task ahead of me.

I just may actually be a baby hoarder. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Do you have any hoarding tendencies?

@12raisins 🍇✨

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