Daily Musings 101 “cultivating grace”

Grace has been a common theme for me this year. Mostly in terms of me thinking I didn’t have enough of it. Grace kept popping up in podcasts I’d listen to, books I was reading, shows I was watching and conversations with friends and even people I’d met for the very first time.

During one of my rougher patches of 2020 I would regularly affirm “I am full of grace”, wishing for it to be so. While pondering how those in my life saw me, I asked some of those closest to me several questions, one of which was to describe me using four to five adjectives. To my surprise having grace was one of the ways in which I was described by many. I was pleasantly surprised, but while I do acknowledge that I often handle challenging life experiences with grace there’s still work for me to do.

My mom has advised me on more than one occasion to pause, before I speak, before I respond…to make sure that what I want to say, is being said how I want to say it (or if anything needs to be said at all). So, on this 4th last day of 2020 I am grateful for the grace I embody and the reminders to continue cultivating it in the face of challenges. Ase.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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