Daily Musings 68 “traditions”

I’m tired. This week has taken a lot out of me. I’m not drinking enough water. Likely not eating enough. My body is tight and sore to the point that it’s painful, which is paranoia inducing.

As soon as I got home I guzzled 40 oz of water, ate an apple cinnamon morning round from Ozery Bakery (so yummy), one of my sons’ cheese strings and popped an Advil for muscle & joint pain. I hung out with baby boy and we watched a Christmas show together. We’re starting new traditions…we cuddle on the couch and watch one Christmas show before bed. I did a Sara Beth Yoga YouTube video and was in bed before 10pm.

Today was rough, but I didn’t let work seep into the few hours I have at home before heading back to work tomorrow. I’m proud of myself. My goal of engaging in the act of writing daily is going 68 days strong and I’m on week two of not taking work home with me; doesn’t mean I wasn’t plotting and planning in my mind though. 😅

Breathe slowly and deeply. One thing at a time, no more no less.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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