Daily Musings 98 “vicious cycles”

Christmas has long since become a secular holiday. It’s obvious you don’t need to be Christian or super religious to celebrate. For many, it’s a season of great consumerism and in many years past, I would’ve racked up a lot of debt. This year is different, fortunately.

Despite having just bought my first home, I’m almost completely consumer debt free. I could not have made this statement at the beginning of the year. Further, at the beginning of this year, the bank denied my application for a mortgage.

On this 7th last day of 2020, I give thanks for ‘asking and receiving’. My debt was huge and instead of wallowing and retreating (for too long), I asked for help. One of my angels answered. 😌 They helped to clear a portion of my debt and ever since then, my monthly payments (that never made a dent before) began to actually lower my balance. So much so that in a few more months there will no longer be a balance.

I couldn’t have done this alone. I was trying for years and only falling deeper and deeper into a dark hole. It was a vicious cycle created by a vicious system. I know many are caught up in this cycle, in this system…it’s hard to avoid it, especially for people like me. But a cycle is breaking for my son and I and I’m beyond joyous and grateful. Counting my blessings. Ase.

@12raisins 🍇✨

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