12 raisins here, aka Tamla.

“Every little thing is gonna be alright” Bob Marley Tattoo by: http://www.sineadstewart.com

I wear many hats. I have a hat for most occasions. Of late, I’m always wearing my ‘Mommy hat’. The Mommy hat has taken over. This is the hat that gives me super powers. It’s similar to my ‘Teacher hat’, but differs in that I cannot ever take it off. Once I put my ‘Mommy hat’ on, it was there to stay. As such, I haven’t worn my other hats very much anymore. There is another hat that somehow stays on at all times, at the exact same time as my ‘Mommy hat’. It hides under the brim of my ‘Mommy hat’. It’s my ‘Writers’ hat’. Despite wearing this hat, not much physical writing takes place. The writing is often all in my head…thoughts, ideas, words flowing but struggling to make it to paper because my ‘Mommy hat’ rules supreme. I’m figuring it out though, learning to strike a balance between these two hats. It’s imperative that I do.

One of my favourite things in life are stories. I love to listen to stories, read stories, tell stories. I love stories. When I travel, and in everyday life, I care more about the exchange of stories than I do about the sites I see (unless I’m told a story about it). Everyday is a story, waiting to be reflected on and waiting to be told…in this way, I grow, become better, do better and feel…full.

The hats I wear are full of stories. Stories waiting to be reflected on and stories waiting to be told. I am a mother. A new mother, but as a teacher I’ve been mothering for about six years. I am a dancer. A lifelong learner, a traveler. I love the world and I love living. I appreciate the good and the bad that comes with truly living.

The hats I wear make appearances when they need to. Prior to having my little guy, they were worn much much more regularly, so much so, there was rarely any time for me to wear my ‘Writers’ hat’. Before this blog, my thoughts, reflections and ideas about stories stayed in my head or were sporadically jotted down in notebooks.

With the birth of my son, I now have a great need, a newfound drive to write these reflections and stories down. I want to share them with anyone who wants to partake in the sharing. Surprisingly, as much as he consumes my daily thoughts and actions he has given me the fuel, the energy, the drive to pursue my dream of writing, creatively, reflectively.

And so I write.

My hats save my life. They ensure I ‘succeed’ in life and my endeavours. No matter the scenario, my hats enable me to adapt and be who I need to be to make the best of the situation for myself, and sometimes those around me as well.

My ‘Blogger hat’ is particularly new. It’s been a great hat to wear because it makes sure I don’t neglect my ‘Writers’ hat’. It’s funny though, as much as I enjoy wearing it, I’m filled with a lot of doubt.

I don’t know if I’m wearing it well. I have to keep it on, though. I’m not ready to take it off. I need to see where this hat will take me. To see if it will help me wear my ‘Writers’ hat’ more proudly, more confidently. Thus, it’s essential I wear it so that I don’t lose my ‘Writers’ hat’ amongst all the other hats I occasionally wear, and most importantly underneath the ‘Mommy hat’ I now always wear.

So please join me on this new journey. Let me know your thoughts, reflections and stories. Let me know which hats you wear and how you wear them and I will continue to do the same.

Reflectively yours,

12 Raisins

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