12 raisins here, aka Tamla.

“Every little thing is gonna be alright” Bob Marley Tattoo by: http://www.sineadstewart.com

I wear many hats. I have a hat for most occasions. Of late,  my ‘Mommy hat’. is worn most. The Mommy hat has taken over. This is the hat that gives me super powers. It’s similar to my ‘Teacher hat’, but differs in that I cannot ever take it off.  As such, my other hats sadly don’t get worn regularly anymore. There is another hat that somehow stays on at all times, at the exact same time as my ‘Mommy hat’. It hides under the brim of my ‘Mommy hat’. It’s my ‘Writers’ hat’. Despite wearing this hat, not much physical writing takes place. The writing is often all in my head…thoughts, ideas, words flowing but struggling to make it to paper because my ‘Mommy hat’ rules supreme. I’m figuring it out though, learning to strike a balance between these two hats. It’s imperative that I do.

More about me and my hats.

Reflectively yours,

12 Raisins

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