Daily Musings 59 “26 students”

My 25 students along with 7 colleagues (3 ECE's, 1 prep teacher, 1 SNA, a student teacher and myself) were back (or able to be back) in the physical school building after 2 weeks of mandatory self-isolation due to a positive Covid-19 result amongst a student in my class.

Daily Musing 55 – Day 12

Why do they treat us like we have no feelings. Like relationships, connections and stability don’t matter in education? Why do they keep talking to us about mental health and well-being when they’ve made it clear they don’t care?

Daily Musings 19

I was today years old when I truly learned how little the education system cares about the well-being of those it’s supposed to care for. It’s never been so clear, so blatantly obvious that they simply do not care. Not about their students and not about their educators and education workers.

Daily Musings 7

It sucks that every time I have a headache, my stomach hurts, throat tickles or I cough; I run and go check my temperature. 🤦🏾‍♀️😩😷 Tamla

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