Back-to-Basics Math Education – Ontario’s New Math Curriculum

Many of us who are excited about the ‘back-to-basics’ aspect of the curriculum are relieved and looking forward to something that is hopefully more straightforward than the current system. Certainly, many think it’s the hardcore drilling of math skills that is going to benefit our students’ achievements in math. However, there’s so much data, so many lived experiences with math proving that the drilling and rote learning method doesn’t work for a lot of our students. It’s actually quite detrimental. This finding is why changes were made in math education to begin with.

When someone shows you who they are…believe them

A few weeks ago I went to what was to be the last course of my graduate studies career. I’ve been patiently and excitedly waiting to take this course for a couple of years. ‘Indigenous Settler Relations for Teachers’ cool does that seem? Anyway, there were four of us, including the prof. Two of us … Continue reading When someone shows you who they are…believe them